fruits of athelney

How does Fruits of Athelney work?

  • We link up with people who have apple trees and surplus fruit.

  • We pick and collect the fruit.

  • We make several varieties of juice (around 700 bottles a year). And it's all delicious! We sell it at the North Curry Community Coffee Shop and the village shop.

  • We organise juicing days at a central point, where people can bring their surplus apples, press them and bottle the juice.

  • We also invite people to hire our equipment to press their apples.

It's great fun and very rewarding. At the same time, it helps:

  • Growers with surpluses, even very small ones

  • Consumers, who get to buy fresh local produce

  • Our village shops, which can broaden their product range

  • The environment, by cutting food miles

If you would like to help or just know when our picking or juicing days are, please email us at

Think global, act local

We aim to encourage and support a sustainable, resilient community in our local area, as well as increasing awareness of global issues.


Community Project Fund

Laura Jensen, 07784 225571

Fruits of Athelney

Brian & Kathryn Jeanes, 01823 490623


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