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fruits of athelney

How does Fruits of Athelney work?

  • We link up with people who have apple trees and surplus fruit.

  • We pick and collect the fruit.

  • We make several varieties of juice (around 700 bottles a year). And it's all delicious! We sell it at the North Curry Community Coffee Shop and the village shop.

  • We organise juicing days at a central point, where people can bring their surplus apples, press them and bottle the juice.

  • We also invite people to hire our equipment to press their apples.

It's great fun and very rewarding. At the same time, it helps:

  • Growers with surpluses, even very small ones

  • Consumers, who get to buy fresh local produce

  • Our village shops, which can broaden their product range

  • The environment, by cutting food miles

If you would like to help or just know when our picking or juicing days are, please email us at

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