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Community Projects Fund

The Climate Action Athelney Community Project Fund provides financial support for projects and activities in the local area that address climate change, sustainability and the environment. For example, encouraging recycling, supporting food self-sufficiency, events that make us ‘think global, act local’ and encouraging wildlife diversity. 


Ideas & Principles

Your project activity should meet one or more of the following ideas or principles:

COMMUNITY ACTION – Encouraging the community to ‘Think global, act local’ 

DIVERSITY - Encouraging wildlife diversity

ENERGY - Increasing renewable energy production and/or use

FOOD - Local food production and self-sufficiency

KNOWLEDGE – Increasing awareness amongst the community of climate change issues and how our actions can have a positive effect

PLASTIC – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

TRANSPORT - Increasing transport by foot or bike, or reducing car use

There is a simple application to complete which enables us to keep track of the Fund and allow us to promote the inspiring activity being undertaken.

Click on the pdf for further guidance and application form. 

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