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Welcome to Climate Action Athelney

We are an unincorporated association with a Committee and Members.

The Athelney area covers the villages of North Curry, Lyng, Stoke St Gregory and Burrowbridge.

Think global, act local 

We aim to encourage and support a sustainable, resilient community in our local area,

as well as increasing awareness of global issues.

We believe climate change is the greatest threat facing our world. There is an urgent need for us all to cut our carbon emissions. There is much we can do as individuals, but when we come together in groups we can achieve so much more. We need grassroots action. Momentum is building and there are now countless other groups with similar aims.

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Towards a greener community

We hold events, hosting interesting talks and showing films that increase awareness of climate change issues, encourage discussion and promote the sharing of ideas on how we can live more sustainably.


We collaborate with other local groups, such as North Curry Wildlife Group (link here) in planning and promoting awareness raising events such as Apple Day and community wildlife days.


We press and bottle apples to make several varieties of delicious apple juice that is sold as Fruits of Athelney Apple Juice in the village shop and at North Curry Coffee Shop. We also organise communal juicing days and hire out our juicing equipment to individuals and groups.


We produce a guide to local food and drink producers, retailers and cafes - our Local Food Directory.

We hope to turn this into an interactive map in the future.


We coordinate a Community Project Fund that offers grants to local groups, charities and individuals to deliver community projects that meet one or more of the Funds seven principles.

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